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Films - Spiderman 2 and The Gift

Saw a couple of films this week, one at the cinema, one on DVD.

#34 - Spiderman 2 -

Took my son to see this on Friday, and OMG! I LOVED this film!!!!! I laughed, and I cried. Okay, so I cried a LOT, actually. I thought it was a fantastic continuation of the story . . . my husband asked if I thought it was better than the first film, and really, it seemed to me more like an extension, rather than a sequel. It wasn't like two movies, it was like one long movie with an intermission (okay, so it was an intermission of a few years) in the middle. I thought they did an excellent job of picking up with the characters and taking the whole thing to the next level. Loved it!

Overall, this movie was actually sort of painful to watch, because I kept getting my heart broken over and over for Peter, and what he was going through. All that shit about him being lazy and undependable, and ARGH!!!! Well, of course, that's the whole point, isn't it? To get us all worked up about just how unfair his life is. Well, it worked on me, that's for sure. And he's such a cute little woobie! I was really in emotional pain for him over and over again. He's so sweet, but so dorky at the same time, and innocent and and and. Okay, well, if you've seen it, you know what I mean.

Favourite scenes . . . well, I really was in or near tears several times. All the unfair stuff that was happening to Peter (although the pizza delivery was hilarious); when Aunt May gave him the $20 . . . TEARS! Actual tears, and my son was concerned about me (he's five, and gets worried when his mummy cries during films, which happens a lot, because I can be pretty sappy about stuff like that ::grin::); when he saved that little girl from the burning building . . . and the fact that it was *Peter* who saved her . . . SO cool, and then to find out that all his effort and it STILL wasn't good enough . . . Spiderman would have been able to save the other guy trapped in the building, as well. ::sob::

But my favourite scene BY FAR was on the train. When he'd taken off his mask, and the passengers carry him into the train . . . and the guy comments about how he's hardly more than a kid . . . and then they all get between him and Doc Ock . . . ::tears streaming:: And thank HEAVENS that MJ didn't marry that guy (even though the guy seemed nice enough, but it would have been horrible for everyone) . . . and the look on her face at the end of the film . . . ::angst!!!!!!:: I love how they've set up for a third film, although there are still a couple of different ways they could go with it. Of course, the obvious is that Harry takes up the gauntlet as the new Gobby . . . but somehow, I hope that won't happen. I really want Harry and Peter to work this out and be friends again. I like them both. ::awwwww!::

The special effects were cool - I love watching Spidey swing through the city. I especially liked the bit with the helicopters. And Doc Ock was creepy and I didn't think I was going to like the whole look of him at first, but man, he turned out to be a pretty cool bad guy. My son's favourite part, btw, was when he became good again at the end.

As for my son, he was a bit nervous about seeing the film, as he was worried it would be scary, but he never acted scared about anything while we were watching. (Afterwards, he said some parts were a bit scary, but when he's watching something that really does scare him, he'll tell me and hide or ask to leave . . . so I trust him to let me know if he's really bothered). I did cover his eyes during one bit, because I was nervous that the violence would be too gory (the scene in the operating room, and some of the parts before that at the demonstration; I'm wondering if this is the same place where you covered your son's eyes, heidi8)?

But he really did enjoy the film . . . he loves the first film, so he knew all the main characters already, which helps. Still, I don't think I'll take him again in the cinema . . . he did get a bit restless during some of the "talking" parts (he definitely prefers the action). ::grin:: I'd love to see it again, though - I thought it was SO fantastic . . . even more so for the emotional stuff than anything else. I was all messed up feeling bad for Peter and all the shit he was going through. I am glad it had a "happy" ending . . . even though we KNOW there is more angst in Peter's (and MJ's) future.

#35 - The Gift -

Watched this at home - a movie starring Cate Blanchett about a psychic whose visions help her solve a murder. I don't want to say much more and risk spoilers, but I thought it was a good film. Really suspenseful - I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout huge parts of this film. Almost too stressful (I will get up and walk out if it's too tense) . . . but it never got to the "too much" stage for me. I was annoyed with one scene in particular, where she made a classic, "OMG, I'm doing the stupidest thing in the world, and I should really really really not be doing this, but I'm in a movie so I'm doing it anyway and I don't seem to realise it's totally stupid" blunder. If you've seen the film, you may be able to guess which scene I mean. There are some things you just never never NEVER do . . . especially with your children waiting outside. Hee! Those of you who haven't seen the film will just have to guess what she might have done. :-) Oh, and there is something SO COOL at the end of the film which I sort of guessed, but then forgot about and didn't see coming (although my husband did). I did solve the mystery on my own, though, long before she did. Maybe I'm not as dumb about that sort of stuff as I often believe myself to be. ::grin::
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