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#68 - Copycat by Gillian White

Copycat by Gillian White

Ouch. This was a really gripping book, which I had trouble putting down. It's the story of two neighbors, Jennie and Martha, and the deterioration of their relationship - it's a bit of a "Fatal Attraction" tale, dealing with obsession on the one hand, and, well, something else on the other. In the prologue, we learn that one of the women is in prison for the murder of the other - but we don't know which was which. This was in my mind almost constantly while I was reading, creating a lovely tension - wanting to know who, what, where, how and why. And the ending is so delicious. I'd highly recommend this book.



OMG! OMG! OMG! Part of me saw this coming, but I was still really surprised. Any thoughts on which one of them it is? I'm leaning toward Martha being the one in prison. All along, it seemed more likely that Jennie was the murderer, which made me suspect that it would be Martha (just as a twist). But now . . . ARGH! The pattern of entries isn't consistent, so that doesn't seem to be a clue. But for some reason, I feel like Martha is the one in prison - she was the one who seemed the most unstable by the end of the book. Which sucks, really. Jennie was, obviously, insane, and I disliked her from pretty much the very start. In addition to the obsession (which might be overlooked on account of mental illness), I found her habits and attitudes to be entirely replusive. I identified more with Martha, although I'm not really all that much like her. But still . . . WOW! It did blow my socks off. I can't decide whether I loved it or hated it (but I think I loved it, really). ::grin::

I do think the story was well crafted. Jennie's obsession had a sort of terrifying veracity, and Martha (who I suspect was the trickier one to write) was also believeable. Not long into the book, I started thinking there was no way that White could pull off any sort of believeable story where Martha could allow herself to stay in a relationship with Jennie, but she managed to do it. I can't decide if she (Martha) chose to take the easy route, or was just too kind where it wasn't warranted. Or, just too screwed up herself (in a more hidden way), that she got caught up in the obsession, too. Probably a bit of all three. I still think that Martha behaved stupidly (and I'd have never trusted my child with Jennie. EVER. PERIOD), but I was able to suspend my disbelief long enough to see how Martha could have been swayed. Loved it, and plan to read more by this author.

So . . . any other thoughts about which one you think was the killer?
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