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First Book of the Year - Dark Lady

X-posted to 50bookchallenge; posting them here, too, so it's easier for me to keep track and find my own entries.

My first book, an incredibly random choice that I picked up used at a holiday bazaar:

#1 - "Dark Lady" by Richard North Patterson

I have read most of his books (or had, up until a few years ago; I'm probably behind by now), and have enjoyed them. He's not my favourite crime/legal drama author (right now, I'd say Patricia Cornwell holds that honour, but I'm behind on reading her newer books, as well), but he's pretty good. As was this book - It's about murder and politics in a depressed midwestern city, and I found the mystery to be well-crafted; I was able to guess a bit of the ending, but not the whole thing (just enough to make me feel smart without spoiling the end of the book ::grin::). I like the physical descriptions he gives, particularly of the characters. I'm able to really *see* them in my mind, something which is often difficult for me. Not an earth-shattering read, by any means, but decent for the genre. (Purchased used; have BookCrossed)
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