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Films! #36, 37 & 38

Wow. It's been ages since I posted any film reviews (since not long after seeing Spiderman 2). Mostly because I haven't been watching many films - I've been more interested in reading, lately. I have watched a few over the past two months, though:

# 36 - Elizabeth - I can't believe I waited so long to see this movie. It was fabulous. Even though I thought I was familiar with the history involved, I still found myself surprised by what happens with Leicester - I guess I didn't know all the details as well as I'd thought I did. It's a beautiful film - gorgeous costumes, and the story kept me riveted - which hardly ever happens these days. It's gotten so that I rarely finish a movie I start, because I lose interest (that's a big part of the reason I haven't been posting reviews). That was not the case at all with this film - I couldn't stop watching, and I wanted more when it ended. I found the "conclusion" drawn interesting, as well - that Elizabeth decides to become what she believes the people want and need - a replacement for the Virgin Mary. Excellent film.

#37 - Buying the Cow - Funny. Really funny, at times. A cute twist on the "looking for love" story, with a lot of "Animal House" tossed in. Worth watching, for a laugh.

#38 - Dracula 2000 - Entertaining, and I would have loved it were it not for the completely assinine way they handled Dracula's "backstory." I won't say what, to avoid spoilers, but I found it a) annoying in an over-the-top sort of way; b) not a complete explanation as to exactly *how* he became a vampire and c) did I mention that I was really annoyed? Particularly by whom Dracula turned out to have been. My other gripe with the film was that they seemed to base it on the Stoker canon, but then deviated from it in substantial ways. Erm, hello . . . Dracula was able to go out in daylight, okay people? So, next time you make a movie which actually *mentions* Stoker's book, and how it was historical, not fiction, erm . . . read Stoker's book before you make your stupid film, okay? Not that I blame anyone for not wanting to read Stoker (it's not a very good book), but it IS a marvelous story. And it is important to the way we view vampires today. /rant. Other than that, I really did enjoy watching the film - I was interested in the plot, up until the point that it turned stupid on me, and the effects and such were well-done enough to be satisfactory. Oh, and the guy playing Dracula *was* hot. Really hot. (And people wonder why I like the Vampire!Snape theories. Vampires can be sexy, and I'm *not* the only one who thinks so. ::grin::). So, erm, yeah, that might be the real reason I kept watching, come to think of it. ;)
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