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Links List

In lieu of having a links list that take's up half my journal ::grin::, I've created one here, with just a few links on my homepage. Enjoy! :)

My Other Journals

My HP Theories - Where Hedgehogs Fly

My Life and Other Stuff - "auto-biographical" journal

Regina di Bastoni - Tarot and Other Spiritual Journeys

My Communities

NaNoWriMo 2004

Opal Necklace Icons

Tarot For Your Self - Tarot Study Group

Other Interesting Adventures

My 2004 Book Reviews

LiveJournal Birthdays

Places I've Been: World Map, Map of U.S. States, and U.K. Counties Map

Markeroni - the Gentle Art of Landmark Snarfing

My Amazon.com Wishlist - Search on Wendy/Here Be Dragons

Professor MacFusty's (that's me) Sorting Hat

LJ Animal Avatars - SO Cute!
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