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Okay, it's late now and I should be in bed, but no. I'm here, doodling around on LJ. I had a bit of a strange night . . . I *wanted* to do some serious chatting with gail_b, but our time-zone differences just didn't work out tonight. So, instead I spent the evening reading huge chunks of the archives of a group I've recently joined. Disturbing but interesting, and I needed to read it to get an historical perspective on things. After all the heavy reading, I didn't want to go straight to bed, so here I am.

So, I thought I'd post my results from a couple of

I really liked my result from this one, gacked from ridicully. I find this result to be surprisingly accurate, although not something I'd have come up with consciously. I really like it, though. It fits. :-)

The Noble Faerie
The Noble Faerie. While you carry a few of the
traits of humanity within you, you still have
an aura of otherworldliness about you that some
find irresistable and others find very
disconcerting. The world is a game; life a
puzzle to enjoy!

What is the Dominant Inner being within You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okay . . . this second one (gacked from incitata wasn't quite as pleasant. ::grin:: First time, I ended up as Mrs. Gilderoy Lockhart. Urgh. So, I took it again, changing my answers a bit so I'd end up with Snape (not cheating exactly - they were all truthful . . . just more Snapish than my original answers). Or so I thought. Obviously, this quiz simply does not think Snape and I are meant to be together. ::grin::

Hey, that's cool. Lucius is one Dead Sexy bastard, and he's got a lot of money. So I'm cool with this. ::grin::

I'm Mrs. Lucius Malfoy</a>

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

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