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27 January

Busy day planned for today. Busy, busy, busy. I've already been outside this morning, to greet the day. Well, mostly I went outside to feed the iguanas. Is it my imagination, or are they getting bigger? I could swear that they seem about 17 percent larger than they were this time last month. I suspect it has something to do with the nuclear fallout from the local power plant. They're awfully cute, though - scampering about the patio. They're always so happy to see me when I'm bringing them their food. Although I don't think I'm going to let my son play out there anymore. They've been eyeing him and licking their lips. Make me just a wee bit nervous, considering that some of them are as big as he is now.

All sorts of great wildlife out behind the house, too. The dildo plovers were back, chewing away at the carcass of . . . well . . . something that died out behind the back fence. I didn't look too closely, but whatever it was, it was BIG. I thought I heard something going on out there last night, but I didn't bother to go and check (I think the chipmunks are hunting in packs again). After seeing what's left of the "victim," I'm really glad I stayed indoors. The pelicans made a brief appearance this morning, before heading east. Oh! And any day now, I expect the walruses to make a visit, as well. They usually migrate through right around this time of year. As interesting as they are to watch, they are a bit pesky - they always decimate the oyster population on our property, and it takes the poor dears MONTHS to recover.

I've got a few "errands" to run today, although nothing particuarly worth mentioning (I'm sure everyone is tired of reading about my trips to the local landfill by now, not to mention that small matter with local law enforcement that I need to handle), and then I'm going to come home and do some gardening. The Kew red (lavender) seems to be attacking the California fuchsia, so I'm going to move one or the other to a new location. Probably the fucshia, as it's less likely to swear at me (and possibly attack) than the Kew red. Afterwards, I'll probably practice my bagpipe for a while, too. Speaking of bagpipes . . .

Oops. Gotta run. Rex and the compys are begging to be taken for their walk. Better not keep them waiting, or they'll wee on the furniture.

ETA: C must be feeling better today. He asked if we could take a walk to the duck pond. I told him we'll see - last time we fed the ducks, they ate one of my shoes (almost before I could get my foot out of it). But C really enjoys going down to the pond, so maybe. I think I have a few pounds of ground beef in the refigerator I could bring along. That should keep them happy (and away from my feet).

Btw . . . Happy Birthday to Lewis Carroll.
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