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Oh - something I forgot to mention earlier.

Yesterday, I saw the Golden Eagle again! Flying RIGHT over the house. This time, I was in no confusion about the ID, and took a couple of great shots while he was still in range. What a beautiful, HUGE bird!

And good heavens, but does he ever smell delicious, roasting away in the oven. Basted in butter, with some sage stuffing - I'm pretty sure he's going to be my all-time favourite backyard bird*.

In other news, I finally went out back to have a look at the body, and I'm pretty sure it was a moose. Good thing the chipmunks took care of it. I've heard moose can be pesky, especially if they get in the house.

*Disclaimer: this is a joke. No native North American birds or wildlife were harmed in the creation of this entry. Just saying, before someone reports me to USFWS. ;)
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