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The Life Before Her Eyes - by Laura Kasischke

I got this book from a fellow BookCrosser, who - unfortunately for me - compared it with another book I'd read with the result being that the ending was spoiled. She didn't tell me exactly what would happen, but based on the big plot twist in the other book she mentioned, it was pretty easy to guess the plot twist at the end of this one. This definitely harmed my enjoyment of "Life Before Her Eyes," as I found myself being very aware of the twist I was expecting at the end, and reading it with that in mind. I still did enjoy the book, to some degree. It's a bit surreal and the author gives a lot of "flowery" descriptions, and on the whole what she did was interesting. I just wish I'd been able to experience it without "knowing" how it was going to end beforehand. 6/10 (BC)

#6 -
The Pleasure of My Company - by Steve Martin

Read this book for my BC book club, and yes, it's by "The" Steve Martin. I enjoyed this book, but didn't love it. It's about a man who is very neurotic (although I'm not sure that's a proper medical diagnosis), with a lot of obsessive-compulsive habits. He can't step up or down curbs, and the wattage of the lightbulbs burning in his home always had to add up to a certain number, for example. It's a short book - almost a vignette - and it started out slowly, but about two-thirds of the way through I started to get involved with the characters. I found the ending a bit . . . rushed, though. And unbelieveable because of the fast pace. 7/10. (Library)

#7 -
Kingbird Highway - by Kenn Kaufmann

Another birding book, this one describing the adventures of the author as he hitchhiked his way across North America trying to beat the "Big Year" record (the record for the most birds seen in a single calendar year in North America). I really enjoyed reading this, although I think I enjoyed "The Big Year" a bit more - probably because it's more contemporary. I have met Kaufmann; I had lunch with him at a birding convention in Michigan about 10 years ago. Again, this is a book that maybe won't have a wide appeal to non-birders, but I really enjoyed it. 9/10. (Library)

#8 -
Jurassic Park - by Michael Crichton

A re-read, mostly because I wanted to re-read The Lost World , and figured I should read them both in order. Great book, and they didn't make too terribly many changes in making the film. I can't help but wish that this wasn't fiction. Just the thought of seeing real dinosaurs . . . wow. That would be SO incredibly cool. ::sigh:: 9/10 (PC)

#9 -
The Lost World - by Michael Crichton

This is another great book. Maybe not a literary masterpiece, but massively entertaining, and the science raises some interesting questions. It's been a few years since I last read it, and I'd forgotten just how completely they changed the story for the film. The premise is entirely different, although they did draw a few elements from this book (and the first) for the second film. I kind of prefer the story in the book, although the movie is enjoyable, too. I wish he'd written a third one. I'm in the mood for more dinosaur stuff now. Maybe I'll re-read a couple of Bakker's books. I think I've got something by Dale Russell I haven't read yet, too. 9/10 (PC)
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