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#10 -
Brushed by Feathers - by Frances Wood

This is a book about birds of the western United States, presented as month-by-month essays. I did enjoy the book - it's filled with lots of facts and stories about some of our native birds - but I also found it slow reading, and a bit boring in places. It reads like a personal journal (reminds me of some of the things I've written in my birding records, come to think of it), and at times I found it a bit . . . well, sappy is not quite the right word. Maybe too informal is a better description. Not that I expected something "scholarly," but at times I found some of the author's musings to be a bit trite. I suspect, however, that others might find the book charming for the same reasons I found it a bit slow. 7/10. (Purchased; plan to BC)

#11 -
Living Dead in Dallas - by Charlaine Harris

The second in the Southern Vampire Novel series, and I enjoyed this one even more than the first. Good follow-up character development, and a lot of action. Sookie, having been coerced into a partnership with the head honcho of the local vampires, is asked to go on a mission to Dallas, to try and find a vampire who's gone missing. In the process, she finds herself up against a fanatical anti-vampire cult, with interesting results. Who can she trust? Parts of the book had me on the edge of my seat - scary and exciting. 8/10 (BC)

#12 -
Club Dead - by Charlaine Harris

Wow. This is the best of the series so far. I really enjoyed this book - exciting, sexy, and more great character development (plus at least one really cool new character whom I hope we'll see again in future books). This time, Sookie's boyfriend, Bill (who happens to be a vampire) disappears under suspicious circumstances. To try and find him, she has to team up with some other "supes" (supernature creatures), a couple of whom have charms she finds difficult to resist - especially after she learns that Bill was unfaithful to her before he vanished. This was a terrific read, and I've got the fourth one on hold from the library - I'm 9th in the waiting list, and I hope the people in front of me read FAST, because I can hardly wait to find out what's going to happen next! 9/10 (BC)

#13 -
Tall, Dark and Hungry - by Lynsay Sands

The third in this series (I guess I'm in the mood for vampire books - this ISN'T one of the Southern Vampire novels, though, but a different series by another author), I found this book disappointing. I enjoyed the first in the series, Love Bites, very much - I thought it was fresh and funny and gave an interesting explanation for vampirism (they're not undead - they're humans with an engineered thingy in their blood which repairs damage, allowing for near immortality). The second book in the series I found a bit too much like the first; this third one was just more of the same. Although the books focus on one family, there is no character development from one book to the next, as each book is centered on a different member of the family. In all three books, a male vampire and human woman fall in love, and after some misadventures end up "happily ever after." Very fluffy, very predicable, and very dull, after the first one. I won't read another in this series. I should have followed my instinct and skipped this one, as well. 5/10 (BC)

#14 -
A Case of Need - by Michael Crichton

Read this book today, almost in one sitting. Not Crichton's best, but it was a nicely paced little murder mystery. A young woman (who happens to have a powerful and well-respected father) dies of complications from an illegal abortion, and a doctor (who is known to be an abortionist) is blamed. When that doctor swears he didn't perform the procedure, a pathologist friend of his decides to sleuth around and uncover the truth. I did have a moment of "huh?" at first, because of the "illegal" abortion issue. Is this some weird alternate reality story? Then I checked the original publication date - 1968. Five years before Roe vs. Wade. ::nods:: That explains that. I was so young when that happened, in my memory abortion has always been legal. Interesting to consider the question from this angle. This book didn't keep me on the edge of my seat, but it did keep me turning the pages. Not bad. 7/10. (BC)
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