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That Song Meme - A Couple of Clues

Wow, I'm impressed by my f-list - you've done a GREAT job getting the songs in my meme so far. There are only two left to go, so I think it's time to give a couple of clues . . .

#3 - Hmnh. Can't think of a clue, but ladyguenivere, I KNOW you know this song! At least I know you have the album on which this song appears, so I'm thinking that you HAVE to know this song. And you're my only friend in the U.S. who is likely to know this song, so give it a think, okay? :D

#4 - Clue, clue, clue . . . okay. Here are a couple of things - the lyrics I posted (minus, of course, the title of the song), are actually ALL of the lyrics for the whole song - it's just that line that gets repeated again and again. Also, this is a group which usually (or mostly, anyway) performs songs in English. (In other words, it's not by the Gipsy Kings, which would otherwise have been a good guess based on my listening habits). I'm sure just about everyone here will have heard song #4, btw. If this is still too hard, look behind the cut for a couple more

It's a band that's been around for a long time, and I believe is still performing in some iteration. And they're named after their guitar player, who happens to be AWESOME. And, while this won't help anyone in the guessing, this band also holds my personal record for best concert I've ever attended. They played one HELLA live show. :D And yeah, I'm pretty sure they played this song when I saw them.

ETA: My f-list ROCKS! In just about 24 hours, you've correctly identified all my songs, and then some! Whoo HOO! (I love memes like this. Have to remember to do them more often). ::hugs f-list::
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