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New Icon!

I must update my journal tonight (it's about time for it anyway), because I have the most fantastic new icon EVER! ::doing happy dance::

The marvelous Madame Bohacek (aka gail_b) drew a picture of my Potterverse "persona" and it arrived in today's mail! ::doing another even happier happy dance::

I LOVE IT! This is Professor MacFusty, my Potterverse alter-ego ::grin::, along with friends Orfeo (Magellanic Eagle Owl) and a Hebridean Black Dragon.

::still doing happy dance::

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU Gail! You ROCK, Babe! I love the drawing, and I love my new icon. Oh - and anyone who wants to see the entire drawing, just look at my user info page - I put it up there, too. And I just noticed that her outfit *totally* matches my LJ colour scheme. How cool is that? ::grin::

Love you, Gail! (Have tried to YM you tonight btw, in response to your YM from heaven knows when this afternoon, but we've apparently missed one another tonight. So, I'll chat with you soon)!

::does happy dance all the way to the dinner table, as it's time to eat now::
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