August 14th, 2003



I wrote this last night and posted it to HP4GU, and I thought I'd post it here, as well. More for my own reference as anything - it's a pain to hunt through the list's message boards (what with Yahoomort and all), but sometimes I want to refer back to particularly fascinating, stimulating, and all-around-fantstic posts that I've written. LOL! Assuming I've ever written a post like that, which I surely haven't. However, I do think this one is a bit interesting, and as the subject will undoubtedly come up on the list again (and again and again and again), I thought I'd log it here (along with any particularly insightful reponses), for my future reference, and your present enjoyment. If you're on HP4GU, you may have already read it - there's nothing new. It's just a few ideas on why I like to read Snape as a Vampire.

So, if you're curious, Collapse )
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