August 30th, 2003


Nimbus Diary Complete!

Finally, I've finished writing my Nimbus Diary - the whole reason I set up this LJ in the first place. Guess that means I can stop writing in it now. LOL! As if. I'm a bit of an LJ addict now, that's for sure ::grin:: Thanks again to Heidi, for giving me my code to get started. :-)

Anyhow, I posted my final entry tonight, and *this* entry contains a complete set of links to all my Nimbus Diary entries, as well as to the entry which has the links to my Nimbus photos. Hope you enjoy reading this! I'm glad to have finished it. The convention really was such a lovely event for me, and I'm glad I've written this so I'll be able to remember at least some of what went on when I attended Nimbus, 2003.

To read my Complete Nimbus Diary, Collapse )

ETA - Well, the Nimbus Diary is still here, but I've decided to f-lock it (along with all other entries which offer any sort of personal information). So, if you want to read them you'll have to a) have an LJ and b) ask me to friend you. Just friend my journal and make a comment here, and I'll more than likely be willing to friend you in return. I like new friends. :-)