September 28th, 2003


The "Me" Meme That's Going Around

Okay, jumping on the bandwagon. ::grin:: You can answer the following questions about me in my comments section (should you choose to do so):

1.) Where did we meet?:
2.) Take a stab at my middle name:
3.) How long have you known me?:
4.) Do I smoke?:
5.) Do I believe in God?:
6.) What was your first impression of me upon meeting?:
7.) When is my birthday?:
8.) What is my eye colour:
9.) Do I have any siblings?:
10.) Have you ever had a crush on me?:
11.) What's one of my favourite things to do?:
12.) Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?:
13.) What's my favourite type of music?:
14.) What is the best thing about me?:
15.) Am I shy or outgoing?:
16.) Would you say I am funny?:
17.) Am I a rebel or do follow all the rules?:
18.) Would you consider me a friend?:
19.) Have you ever seen me cry (or spoken to me when I've been crying?) :
20.) If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be?:
21.) What's your favourite memory of me?:
22.) If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring?:


Comments screened. Just because.

Give This Sorting Hat a Try, Will Ya?

Hello, Everyone!

Usually, when I post quiz results and things, I just put them up and assume that others will take them if interested. But this time, I'm actually going to go a step further and ask you to take this quiz . . . it's special, you see . . .

It's MINE! ::grin:: I'd been thinking about making a quiz of my own for a while now, and since I love sorting hats (but am sometimes disappointed by them), I thought I'd create one of my own. I based this one on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, and may add questions in an update sometime in the future, so I'd love to hear what you think, as well as ideas for how it might be improved. Please note: I'm not sure the graphics are working when you get your results at the test site, but they seem to be showing up when you past the results into your blog. And please DO post the results if you liked it. :-)

So, if this sounds at all interesting, give it a try! I hope you like it! :-)

Sorting Hat says . . . Gryffindor!
Professor MacFusty's Hogwarts Sorting Hat

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