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October 19th, 2003

A Couple of Fun Things

Yes, I'm spamming a bit this evening. Sorry about that, but I had some extra time to play tonight, so there you have it. ::grin::

Doodling around this evening, I ran across this. I really like the result . . . not only have I often played a Druid when playing D&D (my all-time favourite character, Rhianna, is a Druid), but I think this actually fits me fairly well in "real life" too - ignoring the obvious, like the fact I'm not actually an elf ::grin:: - but the philosophical stuff is a pretty good fit for me. Bit of a tree-hugger, I am. ::grin::

Anyhow, to see which D&D Character I am, click here.Collapse )

Oh - and I updated my Sorting Hat quiz a bit, so even if you've taken it before, you might want to go take it again (especially if you were surprised with your response the first time). I added some questions which (believe it or not) are designed to allow you to self-select your house. I think (and had feedback to this effect, as well), that this is very much in line with what we learn in "Order of the Pheonix:" that the hat does take into account a strong preference on the part of the student. So, if you feel strongly that you should be in a certain house, you'll know how to answer the additional questions which would put you there. And if you *still* end up in a different house, then maybe the Sorting Hat is trying to tell you something. ::grin::

In any case my own result hasn't changed:

Sorting Hat says . . . Gryffindor!

Professor MacFusty's Hogwarts Sorting Hat
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