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November 21st, 2003

Prisoner of Azkaban Trailer - FINALLY!

Well, I *finally* managed to get to the cinema this week to see the trailer for PoA. I didn't want to see it the first time on the computer, so I waited, and took Connor to see "Looney Tunes," (Bad move, btw. I found it to be really lame).

So, what did I think? Did they do anything dodgy to the canon? It is pretty? And, most importantly, are Sirius and Remus SEXY enough??? My thoughts on these questions have been thoughtfully placed behind a cut (although I suspect this is unnecessary from a spoiler perspective, for I'm likely the last here to have seen it, other than gail_b, who has already heard my opinions anyway. However, the cut is still useful for another reason - this turned into a wee bit of a rant, so anyone . . . anyone who liked the way the trailer looked, and thinks this is going to be a movie worthy of the masterpiece that is JK Rowling's Prisoner of Azkaban, well . . . you might want to skip this. Potty words ahead. ::grin::

Prisoner of Azkaban TrailerCollapse )
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