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December 11th, 2003

Las Vegas Bid

Friends, Lurkers, HP-fandomites, lend me your ears...

I'm happy to share the great news announced by Gwendolyngrace at the HPFGU-Convention Yahoo!Group that there has been "an open call for bids to host a 2006 event".

As she notes:

"a team is already working on a bid for Las Vegas for 2006. This team is considered a strong candidate for the event but by no means are other teams barred from putting together an entry. Anyone interested in contacting the Las Vegas team to help or volunteer may contact their Executive Chair, Deb McLain, at debmclain @ yahoo.com, no spaces."

So, with that and as the Registration Coordinator, for the Las Vegas 2006 Bid Team for a Harry Potter Symposium event "west of the Rockies," I would like to invite any and all interested parties to contact debmclain for more information on participating in our on-going team effort in submitting a bid for 2006. We're working hard and are hoping to host a great HP Event!

Other departments of interest and heads thereof are:

Programming: bekkio
Art Coordination: ladyguenivere
Publishing: chickadilly
Informal Programing: rubymulligan
Site and Technical Liasion: ixchelmala

Again if you're interested in participating with 2006 Las Vegas bid, please contact Executive Chair debmclain.
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