February 27th, 2004


Speaking of books . . . #11 - "The Traveling Hornplayer"

Book #11 for 2004 - "The Travelling Hornplayer" by Barbara Trapido

This was a lovely book, and a pleasure to read, recommended by circumlocute (I hope you're back from holiday, dear, so you see this review)! ::grin::

Now, while I do think it was lovely, it wasn't particularly happy, nor uplifting. It starts off on a tragic note - a death that happened three years in the past which proves to be the connecting thread in the lives of a number of diverse people. The PoV switches between various of these people throughout the book, and it's really interesting to see how the author has woven them all together - including some surprises (both for us, and for the characters involved). It takes place in England, which is a bonus for me, unashamed Anglophile that I am. It's a story about sisters, and family, and love and death and fidelity. Quirky characters, but mostly likeable. The book ends on a bit of a subdued note, as well . . . but it's such an interesting tapestry that I didn't even mind, even though I'm usually a sucker for a "happy" ending. ::grin::

Thanks for recommending this, Kirstin - you're right. I loved this book. :-) And I'd recommend it to others, as well. A very enjoyable read. (Library book)

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Getting caught up with Films

I'm not going to write much about each of these - if anyone wants a more detailed review, please comment and I'll provide some additional thoughts. :-)

#18 - Snow White (Hallmark version) - Interesting, but not stellar. Some parts of it were just strange. It does make me want to read the original fairy tale again, though. I'd recommend to someone with an interest in this sort of thing, but not strongly.

#19 - The Order - Interesting, but the ending left me a bit . . . well, dissatisfied. I felt like a few things could have used a bit more clarification. Then again, since the subject matter deals with religion, perhaps they preferred for us to draw our own conclusions. Would recommend, but not strongly.

#20 - Lost in Translation - This was a lovely film, sweet and enjoyable, but not as funny nor as touching as I'd expected it to be, based on all the hoopla. Still, I would recommend it. It's well done, and I enjoyed it, although I didn't lovelovelove it.

#21 - Mambo Italiano - Enjoyed this film; some parts of it are hilarious, but by the end, the tone becomes rather subdued. Still, it was fun to watch. I would recommend.

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