July 22nd, 2004


#68 - Copycat by Gillian White

Copycat by Gillian White

Ouch. This was a really gripping book, which I had trouble putting down. It's the story of two neighbors, Jennie and Martha, and the deterioration of their relationship - it's a bit of a "Fatal Attraction" tale, dealing with obsession on the one hand, and, well, something else on the other. In the prologue, we learn that one of the women is in prison for the murder of the other - but we don't know which was which. This was in my mind almost constantly while I was reading, creating a lovely tension - wanting to know who, what, where, how and why. And the ending is so delicious. I'd highly recommend this book.

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Oh . . . this is COOL!

I saw this on dawni's LJ . . . not one, but *two* words that are part of my daily vocabulary are now "official:"

Oxford Dictionaries

I may have to start using the other ones, just to feel on the cutting edge of the English language. ::grin:: (Unfortunately, though, right now the links to definitions don't seem to be working. I'll have to check back later).
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