July 23rd, 2004


Friday Five & Contest

Gacked from misstreebc

1) Who was your favorite band/musican when you were younger?

Led Zeppelin

2) Why?

There was something in their music that spoke to me on a deep level when I was a teenager, something that created a feeling of yearning inside me that was scary and beautiful at the same time. I found a lot of spirituality and fantasy in it, mystical yet powerful - and I loved the juxtaposition of those two dynamics. Plus, they were "cool" with the group of people I hung around with - headbangers and stoners - although not all of them appreciated Zeppelin's acoustic moments as much as I did; I remember once when I was listening to "The Rain Song," a guy asked me, with a sneer, if it was by Frank Sinatra ::snort::. Yeah, he was surprised to learn it was Zeppelin. ::grin::

3) Are they still your favorite/one of your favorites?

Yes, although I don't listen to them all that often anymore. Listening to them can bring back some of the feelings of my youth; some of their songs I appreciate differently now. And some of their songs can still bring tears to my eyes if I'm in the right frame of mind. (I consider that a good thing, btw).

4) What is your favorite of their songs?

The Rover

5) Are there any specific lyrics you hold dear?

Oh, lots. So many, in fact, that I'll put them behind a cut. Well, some of them. I could have chosen more, but I didn't want to make this *too* long. And, to make this fun, I'll make an icon for the person who can correctly identify the most corresponding song titles (or the first one to identify them all). No fair Googling.

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ETA: One of the contest answers is a bit of a trick question; bonus points to anyone who can figure out what I'm talking about. ::grin::
Reading to Dragon


How strange. I was just reading a book set in 14th century England, and was taken aback by one of the characters wearing a "beaver hat." WTF? I thought beavers are native only to North America, and figured that beaver hats weren't possible in Europe until furs were imported from the Colonies.

Not so. Five minutes (and a quick bit of Googling) later, I discovered that no, beavers weren't only found in NA . . . there is a European species (Castor fiber) which was hunted almost to extinction (and was, in fact, extirpated from many European countries). It's now being reintroduced in some areas.

Cool. You learn something new every day. I hope the reintroductions are successful. ::sending happy thoughts to the newly-discovered (by me!) European beavers:: I've always enjoyed seeing their North American cousins in the wild.