August 30th, 2004


G-mail Invites

Heh . . . well, I don't really like g-mail at all, and intend to stop using my account as soon as I can be bothered to switch the few groups and mailing lists I have sent there back to my "real" e-mail address . . . but I just discovered that I have six g-mail invites that I can give out. While I realise that what I've written above is not exactly a glowing recommendation, if you are interested in having a g-mail account and would like an invite, comment here, and I'll be happy to oblige as long as I have invites to offer. :D
Happy Dance

Wild Catches!

There must be something in the air this week, because over the past three days, I've had three of my wild releases journalled! Whoo HOO! One of them was a book I released at my local post office a few weeks ago; the other two were books I released at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week (two caught out of only four total that I released that day).

::happy dance::

If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here: and check out BookCrossing. It's fun! :-)

(Apologies for the x-posting to the_happy_list and bookcrossing).