September 28th, 2004

Birding, Shrike

My Life List

I started birding in 1991 after putting up a bird feeder in the backyard of my home in Indiana. I couldn't bear not knowing the names of all the gorgeous birds flying in and out of my yard, so I got myself a Peterson's field guide, and soon I was going away from home to look at birds in other places. I began keeping a list not long after I started. (I can't help it - I like to collect things, and birds are so much fun to "collect" in this way). The first few birds on the list are ones I remember from my childhood, including my very first bird, a great horned owl which made a BIG impression on me one Halloween night when I was very young.

So, here are all the species of birds I've been able to identify in the wild, listed in the order in which I first saw them. Collapse )

Updated 17 January, 2005
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