March 18th, 2005

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Favourite Songs Quiz Thingy

Okay, so I'm in the mood to play that "Guess the song lyrics" game again. However, instead of just putting my iPod on shuffle, I thought it would be more fun to create a list of some of my all-time favourite songs and use those songs to create the quiz. So, here are lyric excerpts from 25 of my favourites (in no particular order). It was going to be 20, but then I thought of a couple others that had to go on the list, so I just made it longer. Even with 25, there are a few more that I wish I'd had room to include, and I know there are others I've forgotten. :D Many of these made the list because I enjoy singing them (which means, yes, there are arias in there, but I know some of you are up to that challenge). And there's one that isn't really an all-time favourite, but I had to include something by the guy who wrote it because I love him SO MUCH, so there you go. (Extra points to anyone who can guess which one I'm talking about here).

The Rules: guess as much as you can, including song title, artist, composer/lyricist, and the name of the opera or musical where applicable. Translations of lyrics in foreign languages would also be fun. This time, instead of crossing them off as they're guessed, I'm just going to leave it open for a couple of days, so everyone gets a chance to play. (Just don't cheat by peeking at the comments before leaving your answers ::grin::). I suspect that some of these are fairly obscure, so if there's anything that isn't guessed in a day or two, I'll post some hints.

So . . . have fun, and good luck!
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Coming soon: Wendy's favourite Books Quiz :)
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