January 7th, 2006

Diva, Despair

Check out my Bad Quiz-takin' Self!

Hah hah hah hah . . . more quiz results. Yes, I'm a sad, sad individual, spending too much time on the computer the past couple of days. Anything to avoid taking down holiday decorations. ;)

(And, synergy, you'll be proud of me to hear that I DID get off my backside yesterday long enough to box and address almost all of the things that need to be taken to the post office. There's just one box I haven't done yet . . . and of course, it's the one for YOU. :D I was going to register "Affluenza," and realized that I hadn't actually finished reading it! I have about an eighth of the book left to read, so I'm going to finish it up this weekend, and send it out on Monday. But I'm moving in the right direction, anyhow). :D

Anyhow . . . the most interesting one (to me, anyway) first. I took a Meyers-Briggs type selector, and came out DIFFERENT from the way I've been scoring the past several years. Okay . . . let's back up, here. First of all, it is said that your MB type will never change, throughout your lifetime, but I don't believe that. My type changed after C was born - I went from ENTJ to ENFJ. Basically, my tendency to be more "thinking" changed to more "feeling." Okay. Fair enough - I do believe that motherhood wrought some very deep changes.

Now, I've scored as an ENFP - which means my tendency to be "judging" has changed to one of "perceiving." Hmnh. Very interesting. Anyhow, I don't feel like going into a huge dissection of this right now (might do that later), but I think it's interesting. I do think the test is reasonably "reliable" - I think the guy just took the real MB and put it online. Maybe I'll try it again a bit later today, and see if I come out any different. Oh, and I took another quiz which told me that I should look for a partner who's an INFJ. So, I guess that's my new pickup line. "So, big fella, what's your Meyers-Briggs, type, huh? *winkwinknudgenudge*"


Anyhow, plenty more quizzes Collapse )

Oh - and remember that if you go to OKCupid to take any of these tests, I recommend signing up for a (free!) account, so they'll save your results.
What Would Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?

My Sister's Birthday (and no, it's not today)

I have a bit of a dilemma, and I've just thought of a way to try and solve it. I'm going to ask for some advice in a poll. I haven't created one in a while, so why not? Polls are always fun! And at least it's not more quiz results, right? ;D

So, here's my dilemma. My sister's birthday is not until May. BUT I've got her birthday present here, all happy and ready to be given to her. And I think she's REALLY going to like it, and I'd just as soon she get to enjoy it sooner, rather than later. But is it lame to give someone their present five months early? So, I present to you, the robingrace Birthday Poll! Two of the questions are for everyone; one of them is just for Robin to answer. Anyone else who answers that one risks being mocked heavily, okay? :D

Poll #647701 The Robingrace Birthday Poll!

For everyone: Should I give my sister her birthday present now, or wait until her birthday in May?

Oh, give it to her now! That way she can enjoy it longer.
No, wait until her birthday. That's the way it's supposed to be, tradition and all that.
No, wait until her birthday to torture her, since now she knows there's a present waiting for her. Mwuahahaha!
Give it to her now, unless it's yet another lame thing you made out of Fimo! In which case, you really need to be more creative in your gift-giving, okay? O_o
Quit spamming us already, will ya?

Question for Robingrace ONLY! Do you want me to give you your birthday present early, or not?

Yes! PRESENTS! I want my present NOW!!!
No, I'd much rather wait until my birthday. It's more fun for me that way.
Please, dear heavens, just don't let it be something lame you made out of fimo, okay?

For everyone again: If I do give her the present early, am I then obligated to give her something else, too, on her actual birthday?

No, of course not. That's not necessary.
Definitely not. That beyotch only deserves one present, if that!
Yes! How sad for her to not have something to open from her sissy ON her special day!
Yes! What kind of cheap loser are, you, trying to get out of giving her an extra present?
Whatever you do, just don't make her something else out of fimo. I'm sure she's sick of that crap!

The Votes Are In!

*wipes away tears of laughter*

Okay, so the Robin's Birthday Poll? BEST IDEA EVAH!!! :D OMG, I haven't laughed so hard in days!*

I have made a decision. AND I learned a few things, too.

My decision? She's going to get it now as a "just because gift," and will still get something else (probably NOT made of fimo, but you never know) on her birthday, because a whole lot of you thought it would be sad otherwise. So, Robin, you have many of my f-listers to thank for this bonus unbirthday present. (And yes, I also noticed how many of you called me a cheap LOSER, but we'll ignore that for now). ;)

I also learned that there are a great many sadists on my list . . . You guys wanted me to torture my own beloved SISTER? . . . Most excellent. *wicked grin*

And, apparently Robin is a popular little thing, since I'm the ONLY one who voted "that beyotch doesn't deserve another present." Bwahahahaha!

So, Robin, you can expect a package in the mail sometime soon. I'm pretty sure you're going to like it. :) And no, it's not made of fimo. ;)

*Big hugs all around* And thank to everyone who voted/commented in the poll! :)

* Oh, and Robin? Voting for "it would be so sad for her to not have something to open from her sissy?" SHAMELESS!!!!! Utterly shameless. And completely f*cking hilarious! Reminds me of something I would do. ;) I LOVE YOU!

ETA: Let the mocking begin . . . as synergy just reminded me, there is some mocking that needs to be done . . . syrinxkat and edda are apparently unable to read directions! Bwah! Three lashes with a wet noodle! (Really, you two, blame Syn for this. I'd forgotten all about promising to mock people. And if you feel a need for revenge, well, there's that post with the link to my online dating profile. Really, there's LOADS of ammunition against me there). ;) :D :D :D