January 13th, 2006


WTF Oprah?

Hmmh . . . you might be interested in this, synergy.

I just got an e-mail from Oprah's Book Club, reminding me that her latest bookclub show will air on Monday. Well, after reading this (after Syn linked to it earlier in the week), I was expecting something other than a "Business-as-usual" bookclub show. Surely, whether she believes the author or his detractors (and it seems clear to me that the author has at the very least exaggerated a great many things), I'd think she'd at least address the issue with her audience. ???

Who knows. Maybe they just haven't updated the website with "oh, by the way, the content of this show HAS shifted focus." Still, it seems kinda weird.

What's up, O? I sure as heck didn't think she'd shy away from confronting any backlash.