June 13th, 2006


#46 - Yoga for Elephants

by Laurent de Brunhoff

This is a super cute yoga book for children, starring (and narrated by) Babar the Elephant. It talks about the earliest days of yoga (apparently, yoga was actually invented by elephants, although they looked more like woolly mammoths in the illustration), and then tells of how it was rediscovered and spread once again through the elephant world not long ago. Babar then takes us through his daily practice, and then ends with some ideas of yoga to do on vacations at a variety of famous places (including the Golden Gate Bridge).

Today, I used the book to teach the class at my son’s school, and it worked out very nicely. I read the intro, then we did the asana practice (beginning with Sun Salutations, which is how I always start the kids in their practice anyway), and I finished by reading the last section of the book, which was all text. The kids were particularly interested in seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, since we live near enough that it’s a familiar landmark to everyone. It was a very nice way to do our practice today, and it is a lovely book for anyone who wants to introduce yoga to young children.


Calling all BookCrossers!

I've got a quick question for the folks here who frequent the BookCrossing forums:

I want to post a message there about my "Fill My Map" thing, offering to send books to people who live in states to which I haven't yet sent books. Trouble is, I'm not sure in which forum I should post it. It's not really a Release Challenge, is it? Or would that be the best place? Or maybe Fun and Games? BookRays? Chit Chat? ACK! I really don't know where would be the best place to post this.



(And thanks in advance)! :)

ETA: Thanks for the advice! I've just posted my message in Wish Lists. :)