July 29th, 2006


#72 - Bite

by Laurell K. Hamilton

I checked this out of the library just to read the Sookie Stackhouse story by Charlaine Harris, but ended up reading the entire book. Good vampire stories, mostly, almost all of them having a romantic element. I wished the Sookie story was longer (but that’s just because I adore that series). I enjoyed all the other stories, as well, with the exception of the final one. For some reason, the characters in that one annoyed me. Also, I was amused to read through half of the Davidson story before realizing it was set in the world of “Undead and Unwed.” (Didn’t recognize the author’s name at first). I’ve read a couple of those books, and had to laugh when I remembered about the Queen. :D All in all, a good way to spend an evening. 8/10