November 2nd, 2006



Halloween! I love Halloween - as a child, it was right up there with Christmas as one of my favorite holidays. I think most years, Halloween had the edge - I have such fantastic memories of dressing up and trick-or-treating as a child. Now, I know that Connor loves it as much as I did, even though he doesn't get to experience it the same way I did back then. We live in a completely lame neighborhood for trick-or-treating, so this year I decided that we'd do something different. When I found out that the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum was having some events on October 31st, I decided that Connor and I would spend our Halloween in San Jose. Then, when I found out that unnamedfeeling and chershey were having a party at their home nearby, I knew we'd be having a great evening! And we did!

I was pretty happy with the way our costumes turned out, too - here we are, Isis and Horus:

Instead of giving a lot of description, I think I'll let the photos do most of the talking . . . Collapse )