January 27th, 2007

Reading to Dragon

Book #25 - Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston LeRoux

#25 for 2007 - "Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston LeRoux

I decided to read this book because we've been watching the film of the ALW musical lately (my son loves it, plus I've been a fan of the musical for years, and have seen it on stage a couple of times). I was curious as to how closely Webber's version kept to the original.

Before I get into my thoughts about that, however, first I want to consider the book on its own. I really enjoyed this story, although I didn't always enjoy the prose. There were times when I felt there wasn't enough detail, and I struggled to figure out just what was happening; however, at times the description was very detailed and juicy. (In general, I tend to not like things written during this era; the prose is a bit difficult for me to parse).

The story is, of course, familiar. L'Opera Garnier in Paris is being "haunted" by the so-called "Opera Ghost." This phantom has taken an interest in the career of a young singer, Christine Daae, and mayhem ensues.

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Now . . . some thoughts comparing the ALW musical (in particular the film) with the book.

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Oh! And lest I forget, here is the really special thing I discovered in reading the book:
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