February 1st, 2007

Charlotte, Spider Love

Thursday Thirteen - Unusual Pets

Thirteen Things about WENDY

In honor of the fact that my son is watching "Eight-Legged Freaks," I thought I'd share 13 pets that I've had in my lifetime, including some unusual ones:

1. Pink-toed tarantula (Charlotte, see icon)
2. Boa constrictor (Nikki)
3. Cats (Cleopatra, Tootie, Demelza, Astarte and Lugh)
4. Anole lizard (no name that I recall)
5. Garter snake (Socrates)
6. Many, many gerbils (no names; we bred them)
7. Brackish water puffer fish (along with many other tropical fish)
8. African grey parrot (Ramses, curses like my mother a sailor)
9. Pacific treefrog (raised from a tadpole, then released)
10. Western Scrub Jay (raised from a chick, he had a name, but I don't remember it now)
11. Dogs (Lots, including Brandy, Muppet, Tudor, Brutus and Taffy)
12. Freshwater snails (no names, but they were very cute)
13. California desert tortoises (Homer is the only one I remember having a name. Also, very cute, and we successfully bred them, IIRC. Almost nothing is cuter than a baby tortoise)

Charlotte is the only pet we have right now. Also, yes, some of these animals were native wild animals, and it was probably illegal for us to have them. But my mother was a bit of an amateur wildlife rehabilitator when I was a kid (back in the 1970s), and that's how many of them came to be in our household. I promise there is no illegal keeping of animals in my home these days, though. Just sweet little Charlotte, from PetCo.

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