February 16th, 2007


More Books

Time for another update of the books I've read so far this year. Since I last posted, I've read a lot, although many of them were short children's books. Still, I did get through a few bigger tomes as well (most notably, "Jane Eyre," which took me longer than expected to read).

I'm going to try something different; instead of spending ages cutting and pasting links to the reviews, I'm just going to include a link to my Read in 2007 tag page. Unfortunately, I can't figure out a way to get them to display in order with the default view (which is how you'll see it; my custom views don't show up. *kicks LT*). But you can find the books alphabetically. To see the actual review, click on the cover image, and then click either "view" or "social info." Let me know how this works. If it's really a pain, maybe I'll go back to individual links. (Meh).

The books I've read since my last update are:

#29 - "The Very Busy Spider" (minature), by Eric Carle (4 stars)
#30 - "Super Storms," by Seymore Simon (4 stars)
#31 - "Scary Stories to Read When it's Dark," anthology (3.5 stars)
#32 - "Primary Mathematics: 1A Workbook," by Singapore Math (4.5 stars)
#33 - "Underwater Nature Search," by Andrew Cleave (4.5 stars)
#34 - "Primary Mathematics: 1A Textbook," by Singapore Math (4.5 stars)
#35 - "Delicate Creatures," by J. Michael Straczynski (4.5 stars)
#36 - "Spiders," by Claire Llewellyn (4.5 stars)
#37 - "Come a Tide," by George Ella Lyon (4 stars)
#38 - "A Visit to Australia," by Mary Packard (3.5 stars)
#39 - "Who Killed Cock Robin?" by Rodney McRae (3.5 stars)
#40 - "Sudoku for Dummies," by Andrew Heron (4 stars)
#41 - "Journey Around San Francisco from A to Z," by Martha Zschock (4.5 stars)
#42 - "My Very Own Name," by Maia Haag (4 stars)
#43 - "Alpha Quest," by Steve Parish (3.5 stars)
#44 - "Greyfriars Bobby," by Ruth Brown
#45 - "Purple, Green and Yellow," by Robert N. Munsch (3.5 stars)
#46 - "Dogzilla," by Dave Pilkey (4.5 stars)
#47 - "One Warm Fox," by Nick Butterworth (4.5 stars)
#48 - "The Secret Path," by Nick Butterworth (4.5 stars)
#49 - "Megatooth," by Patrick O'Brien (4 stars)
#50 - "A Single Shard," by Linda Sue Park (4.5 stars)
#51 - "Ink," by Terisa Green (4 stars)
#52 - "Bunnicula," by James Howe (4.5 stars)
#53 - "Howliday Inn," by James Howe (4.5 stars)
#54 - "The Celery Stalks at Midnight," by James Howe (3.5 stars)
#55 - "Jane Eyre," by Charlotte Bronte (3.5 stars) (This review is not written yet, but will be posted directly to LJ as soon as I write it)