February 22nd, 2007


(The Last?) Thursday Thirteen

Oh no! It looks like this might be the last Thursday 13 - the woman who started it is retiring the site. :( Ah well - I've enjoyed it, and if this is the last one ever, that's okay, too.

So now, what to pick? How about thirteen things I invite into my life:

Thirteen Things about WENDY

Thirteen things I invite into my life (or invite *more* of into my life):

1. Publish a best-selling novel
2. Go on safari in Africa
3. Enjoy the time I spend with my son, loving one another and laughing and learning together
4. Health and beauty
5. A peaceful, comfortable, beautiful and inspiring living space
6. Happy, loving relationships
7. Visiting penguins in Antarctica
8. Love
9. Wealth of all kinds
10. An amazing and fun trip across the country with my son
11. Speaking Spanish fluently
12. To live every day knowing I am following my bliss
13. To fully utilize the Law of Attraction for my benefit, and the benefit of all others

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