March 13th, 2007

Firefly Mal

Serenity Stuff

I finally found the right moment to watch "Serenity." For some reason, after watching all of "Firefly," I put off watching the film. I think because I was dreading the moment when I'd watched the final credits roll, knowing it was really over. :D (And yeah, I know this happened for the rest of you AGES ago, but I'm slow sometimes). ;)

Well, syrinxkat gave me the perfect opportunity when she offered to send me a graphic novel which bridges the gap between the series and the film. So, last night, that's how I spent my evening.

The graphic novel is titled "Serenity: Those Left Behind," and it's a beautiful book - the artwork is gorgeous, and the storyline is interesting. The trouble I have with graphic novels (and probably the reason I've not read many) is that they're too short! Not as much dialogue and character development as I'd like to have had, although I will say that quite a lot of character development can be done visually. (Like the moment Book and Mal have together; I won't say what, since it's spoilerish, I guess, but it's fantastic, and if you've already read this book, you'll know which moment I mean). :D Plus, it's just wonderful to get *anything* extra in this amazing world Whedon created. I can easily see how this bit of story could have become an hour-long episode (maybe more than one), and I wishwishwish the show hadn't been cancelled!

In any case, I really enjoyed this, even if it did seem short. Thanks, K, for sharing it with me!

As for the film, I'll put the rest of this behind a cut, for SPOILERS (not that there's anyone out there interested who hasn't already seen it, but whatever. :D).

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The Crochet Project That Ate My Brain!

About a month ago, I thought it would be kinda nice to crochet something for myself. How about a little throw blanket, eh? Something purple, and maybe pink, my favorite colors. Well, I decided to do it in squares, which I'd sew together (I made a couple of baby blankets like this, and it's an easy way to do it, plus they're cute). So, I started crocheting squares. So far so good.

But then I started thinking, "hey - maybe I should just make this big enough so I could use it as a bed spread on my (queen-size) bed, too." Yeah, okay, that increases the scope of the project somewhat, but no big deal. I did have to make a trip to buy more yarn (and hope that I could get the same dye lots; I did). So, now the project is a 6 x 8 square grid, in five different colors (royal purple, dark purple, olive green, fuchsia, and black). Besides, I need something for my bed, right? I mean it's not like I have a handmade duvet cover or anything . . . oh wait, I DO have a handmade duvet cover. But whatever. This will be different, and it's nice to be able to switch out the bedcover from time to time, right?

So, it's coming along fine, when it occurred to me that maybe just having all plain squares would be kinda, well, boring. Maybe I should try to make a few squares with a design. A surprisingly small amount of searching on the internet turned up a pattern that looked promising, both in being pretty, and seeming relatively easy. I worked up a square and, to my utter amazement, it turned out exactly the perfect size with only one additional double-crochet round. Wa-HEY! This is working out pretty cool! So, I started working on "Amber Waves" squares, which take longer than plain ones (although they're also more interesting/fun to crochet). First, I was going to do four or five. Then I thought eight would be nice (one for each horizontal row), but after I'd finished eight, it still seemed a bit sparse, so I made two more . . . and then decided to make two MORE for a total of twelve (so I can alternate with each horizontal row having either one or two patterned squares). I like the way they came out:

Here's a close-up of one of the squares:

So, the patterned squares are finished, and no two are exactly the same. I'm actually quite far along, now. I think I only have about 15 more plain squares to complete, and then it's just a matter of sewing them together, and edging the whole thing. I'm more than half-way finished, I'm sure. Of course, what with one thing and another, I realized that I really didn't have enough yarn, but luckily, I was able to find the same dye lots for ALL of them (a guardian angel of yarn must be watching out for me). Now, I've bought so much that I probably have enough to finish the project AND complete the throw blanket which was my original idea, but that's okay. :D That's the trouble with just creating a project from scratch - no instructions to give guidelines for how much yarn to buy. :D