March 20th, 2007


"Nineteen Minutes," by Jodi Picoult

The newest book by Jodi Picoult. I picked it up last night, and blew through it, reading in every spare minute I had today . . .

Peter has been bullied by his "peers" most of his life. It started on the first day of kindergarten, and just never stopped. Finally, in his junior year in high school, he does something which will stop the bullying forever: he comes to school armed. Nineteen minutes later, ten people are dead, and an entire community is brought to its knees. This is a book which offers no easy answers to an issue which is in the mind of any parent of a school-aged child (who can forget Columbine?), but it's a story which has been carefully crafted, and beatifully told - a real page-turner, and one which proved very thought-provoking for me.

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I think this is the best by this author I've read yet. 10 stars/10

I'm turning this into a bookring, so anyone who would like to read it, let me know, and I'll put you on the list. It'll be on it's way to you this week, beckerbuns (so don't read the review . . . yet)! :D

"Tibetan" Personality Test

I'm really not sure what makes this Tibetan (and I doubt the Dalai Lama has anything to do with it), but it was kinda fun. If you want to take the test, click here to do that BEFORE you read my results, or you'll be spoiled.

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So, I'm supposed to to send this to eight people, and my wish will come true on Sunday. And, since my wish wasn't for me, I figure I might as well put this out there. Surely, at least eight of you will see this. :D There is one of those chain-lettery "threats" at the end (the wish won't come true if you don't pass this along), so if you really hate that sort of thing, give this a pass. But it was actually kind fun.
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