April 29th, 2007


First Annual Blogger BioBlitz!

This past week, my son and I participated in the First Annual Blogger BioBlitz. The idea is to choose a small but convenient natural area, and survey all the organisms you can find there during a one-week period: April 21 through 29, in honor of National Wildlife Week. I decided that Connor and I would survey our back patio plus the open space beyond our yard in Contra Costa County, California. We weren't able to do a survey every single day, as we were out of town part of the week, but we were diligent for four or five of the days.

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I took pictures of some of the things I saw; many of these are not good quality, as I was mostly just trying to document, rather than capture nice photos. The Flickr Photoset is here.

This was a cool project, and I'll participate again next year. From a different place, in fact - most likely, somewhere in Puerto Rico!