May 2nd, 2007



No time for a big post, but I just wanted to say:




I watched the newest "Heroes" last night, and it was TOTALLY F*CK*NG AWESOME!!!

Possibly the best hour of television I have ever watched in my WHOLE LIFE.

I don't want to say anything spoilerish, so I won't go into the plot, but I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen next. If anyone wants to chat about the show, though, feel free to post spoilers in comments (in other words, if you haven't already watched it, you might want to avoid comments, should anyone happen to make one). :)

Oh, and I'm also totally blown away by the fact that the men in this show just KEEP GETTING HOTTER! Mohinder . . . Hiro . . . PETER!!! (OMG PETER)! I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but it happened. *collapses in a heap from the hotness*

In honor of such a totally kick-ass episode, I have a new icon. *points up*