June 30th, 2007


#150 - Order of the Phoenix

I’ve done it! I’ve completed my overall reading goal for 2007, and with half the year still ahead of me! I should note that my 150 books includes childrens books, although they count for less than half of the total. To see the list of everything I’ve read this year (since there’s no way I’m going to type out 150 titles!), try this link:


I might try for 300.



My son is interested in taking guitar lessons, so I recently bought him a guitar (since all the ones I own are in another state). And finding myself with a guitar (and no other instruments) in the house has got me interested in playing again.

I think I’m going to start taking lessons, too (from the same teacher), in the hopes that I can improve my playing, especially my finger-picking. I think I’ll set a goal here to master three new songs in order to consider this goal complete. I think “Behind Blue Eyes” will be one of them; I’ll choose two more once I start my lessons.