September 1st, 2007


Garden Alphabet

I stumbled upon a new community yesterday (new to me, I mean): Illustration Friday. Each week, a new topic/prompt is posted, and anyone (all skill levels are welcome) can do some artwork which illustrates his/her idea of the topic, and post a link to it in the community. This week's subject was "Alphabets," and immediately I knew that I wanted to start working on an illustrated alphabet of my own. (Not everyone did something like this, by any means). I had in mind the lovely capital letters drawn by flyingblogspot, but didn't want to blatantly copy her idea. :D So, I thought it would be nice to have a theme (rather than just abstractly fancy letters), and I decided upon "Garden Alphabet." A somewhat pragmatic choice, as it allows me to include plants, flowers, insects and other garden animals. (And I'll probably end up with either a Unicorn or Utahraptor, as organisms beginning with "U" are in short supply; also "X" will be a challenge, although I'll probably "cheat" and go with a Latin name for that letter). Anyhow, I spent ALL DAY (well, on and off, including a trip to the art supplies store) working on a design, and managed to complete exactly ONE letter.

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Oh . . . and in the time it took me to do maybe half of ONE of those drawings, Connor completed an entire garden alphabet of his own, and some of the illustrated letters are amazingly cute (IMO, anyway). Look at "E" for example - how sweet is that?

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ETA: We've just noticed that "L" is missing, so don't worry about that one. Also I'm not expecting anyone to get Connor's "X" - it's not actually a real thing; it's something fictional from outer space (from a very obscure film). If anyone DOES get it, you'll get a Connor drawing just for that. :D

ETA2: We now have a tie in the contest. Both judyserenity and azriona correctly guessed 15 of the letters. (And they didn't both guess all the same ones).

ETA3: We have a new front-runner . . . Nicola, LJ visitor, book lover and homeschooling mom, guessed a whopping 18 correctly!

BTW, I plan to keep the contest open until Tuesday, or possibly Wednesday, to make sure that anyone who is away for the holiday weekend has a chance to play. :)