September 3rd, 2007

Diva, Despair

Memes. Really. Nothing more than Memes.

Oh, all right. I've caved, and done the memes that have been floating around all weekend. This nerd one seems especially popular - I swear at least half my f-list has posted results. :) So . . . what kind of nerd am I? (Heh. I just assume there's no question that I am, indeed, a nerd):

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Um, real life? Today C and I went foraging for still more art supplies (after going to a FABBY new-to-us store yesterday, where I spent way too much on Prismacolor markers in shades of purple and green). Also, I bought season 1 of "The Simpsons," which has made my child express his love for me a great many times today. Ah, if only it were always this easy to make people happy. :D Tomorrow, he thinks we're going to go to JoAnn Fabrics, so he can buy supplies to make a Venus Flytrap costume. Not too sure that's going to happen (especially because I *think* he said that he was making the costume for ME, although why he thinks I want to dress up as a carnivorous plant . . . well, that's a question beyond my comprehension). Actually, I don't know if stores will even be open tomorrow; possibly not. I do have more artwork to post (including my - feeble - attempts as some of your prompts). That entry will probably get posted in the morning.

For those of you in the U.S., I hope you're enjoying a long holiday weekend! :)

Oh! And don't forget to guess the subjects of Connor's Garden Alphabet - I think I'll keep the contest open for another day or two, until after the holiday weekend. So, go VOTE! Right now, I think the highest guess is 18, so that's the number to beat. :)
Blue Dragon

Prompt-inspired Artwork

Here are scans of some of the artwork I've done in the past few days. These are all inspired by prompts that were given to me in the entry I posted last week. Since this artwork is mediocre at best, please don't feel obligated to click. I thought those of you who gave me the prompts might want to see what I did with them, though. :D

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Thanks everyone, for the prompts - I'm going to keep working on them, and will post more soon. :)

Connor's Alphabet Contest - Last Chance!

Just a quick reminder (or notice, for anyone who might have been away during the holiday weekend), that I have a contest going on right now . . . Connor drew a "Garden Alphabet," and the person with the most correct guesses as to the subject of each of the letters will WIN A FABULOUS* PRIZE!

So, if you'd like to enter the contest and haven't yet, now is the time to do it! I'm going to leave it open for another 24 hours, until 10 p.m. eastern time on Tuesday. Oh, and if you've already entered, but would like to make some changes or additions to your guesses, that's allowed. (Just make sure to say which entry is your final answer - if you've given two answers to any one letter, and I can't tell which is your "real" guess, it won't count towards a win). Right now, the number to beat is 20. Can anyone guess more than that? We'll know tomorrow night.

*Okay, so maybe I'm overstating the fabulousness of it, but it will be nice, anyway. Custom artwork by Connor, and some garden-related thingies from me.