September 4th, 2007


Book Meme

I've just been reminded (by seeing an entry in pussreboots' journal) that I was tagged for this meme, too (by beckerbuns. As if I need an excuse to talk about books. :D :D :D

1. Total number of books I own: This is difficult for me to calculate right now, as the vast majority of them are in California. I'm going to guess that the number is somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000. Here in Pennsylvania, I probably have about 300.

2. The Last Book I Bought: "The Color Pencil Wheel Book." Tips and projects for learning to work in colored pencil.

3. The Last Book I Read: The last book I finished was "Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man." Unless you count audiobooks, in which case the last book I finished was "The Amulet of Samarkand." Unless you want to know the last book I actually had in my hands to read (but have not yet finished), in which case the answer would be "The Zen of Organizing."

4. Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:

~ "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (which is standing in for the whole series). Not only do I love this series (and this is my favorite), but becoming part of a community of people who loves these books was literally life-changing for me. I've made so many friends because of these books, and that really does mean a lot.

~ "Dragonology" by Earnest Drake. Not only is this a great book (and series) with amazing illustrations, but reading it with Connor was so much fun. We've done art and science projects based on things we read here, and it's just an all-around special book.

~ "The Velveteen Rabbit." One of my very favorite books from childhood; it still makes me cry.

~ "The Seat of the Soul," by Gary Zukav. This is a book about spirituality, and it's just lovely. Zukav comes closer than anyone (or any religion) to describing my own spiritual beliefs. It was very special to read this, especially when I first encountered it and was not perhaps as "secure" on my path as I am now.

~ "The Hungry Tiger of Oz." Again, this one holds the place of the entire series. I loved these books as a child, and read them again and again. This one was my favorite. I remember sitting up in my treehouse reading and reading and reading, because that was a great place to get away where no one would interrupt. I also remember that once I left it up there and it rained that night (which was probably unexpected, considering I grew up in southern California), doing massive damage. Even waterlogged, though, I loved that book, and wish I still owned that copy. (I have a newer edition now, in paperback, but it's just not the same).

(It's funny, but in some ways living in Pennsylvania temporarily helped me do the question above. If a book is truly important to me, it's likely that I brought it along. Helped narrow down the choices).

5. Tag five people: Okay, choosing randomly from the MANY bookworms on my list: momof2girls, syrinxkat, joyliveshere, happy_potterer and synergy. And anyone else who cares to do it . . . consider yourself tagged. :)

And the Winner Is . . .


The lovely edda, with 20 out of a possible 25 correct!

MySpace Graphics
MySpace Graphics

Many congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, whose correct guess of "Firefly" pushed her over the top! (She was the only one to correctly guess this particular letter). So, congratulations, edda. Let me know what you would like Connor to draw for you, and your prize package (ooh yes! It's a prize package now; I found cool stuff to send, too) will be in the mail soon. I'd also like to give honorable mentions to princessrica, who correctly guessed 19, and to Nicola, with 18 correct guesses.

BUT WE'RE NOT DONE YET! You might have noticed that I called edda the "Grand Prize" winner, and that's because, in a last-minute decision, it turns out that EVERYONE who played is A WINNER! Connor decided this morning that he would like to draw something for each one of you who made guesses! (I'll be sending out individual messages to everyone who played with more details, and your total score).

So congratulations, and I especially want to say THANK YOU to everyone who played! This was fun, both for me and for Connor - and hopefully for you, too. Oh! And last, but not least, here is the list of the correct answers:

A - Aster
B - Bumblebee*
C - Caterpillar
D - Dragonfly
E - Earthworm
F - Firefly*
G - Gladiola
H - Hummingbird
I - Inchworm
J - Jay
K - Katydid
L - (skipped)
M - Moth
N - Newt
O - Orchid
P - Praying Mantis
Q - Quail
R - Rabbit
S - Snake
T - Tick
U - Unicorn
V - Venus Flytrap
W - Wasp
X - Xilian Mobile**
Y - Yellowthroat***
Z - Zinnia

So, thanks again for playing! Your prizes will be in the mail soon. :)

*FYI, anyone who guessed simply "bee" got credit; those who guessed "fly" instead of "firefly," did not.

** This one, unsurprisingly, stumped everyone. It's from this AWFUL Godzilla movie; if anyone had guessed this correctly, I would have been deeply concerned. :D

** Also stumped everyone, also not too surprising, as the yellowthroat is not a widely-known bird. Plus, Connor's kind of did look more like a plover. ;)