September 6th, 2007


Start Creating Art!

I have been creating lately, but I decided to make this a formal goal – because I’ve also been collecting a LOT of art supplies, and I want to make sure I use all of them. I now have: watercolor pencils; a collection of Prismacolor markers; watercolor paints; acrylic paints; drawing pencils; tissue paper and Modpodge for collage; I even have origami paper.

I’m going to consider this goal complete when I have created 43 pieces of artwork, with at least one of them utilizing each of the different media I have listed above. This might take a while, but it should be fun. :) (Plus, I’m working on an alphabet, so there are 26 of my 43 right there, assuming I finish all the letters). If I break down and buy myself a set of Rapidograph pens or pastels, I’ll add that to the media list as well.


More Garden Alphabet Letters

Over the past few days, I've been working a lot on my Garden Alphabet, and I feel I'm making good progress. I have six letters completed, and sketches for several more. Plus, I've made what I believe will be "final" decisions about some important things, namely, the size of the letters (2.25 inches tall) and the paper (Strathmore Windpower Smooth Bristol). I decided to make the letters larger, so that if I scan them and shrink them on the computer, the lines will look more crisp. (That's the trouble with the markers; they tend to bleed into the paper a bit; I could use marker paper, but I think the colors look better on something more porous).

The other thing I've noticed is that this is good practice for me in really getting down to the essence of my subject. I'm trying to make all of the animals and plants (and fungi) as realistic as possible, but they're so small I have to do it with just a few lines. So far, I'm pleased with them. This is my favorite - Bullfrog:


The others - D (a newer version), E, H, O and X - can be seen in this Flickr Photoset.
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