September 14th, 2007

Our Mother

Farmer's Market

This afternoon, my son and I shopped at our town’s farmer’s market. It’s tiny – only three stalls – but there is a good selection of things, nonetheless. It’s only been operating since June, so I’m guessing it will grow over time. I hope it will, anyway. I got some great looking vegetables today, and some Amish baked goods. The corn I bought was picked this morning, less than eight hours before I purchased it.

Part of the reason I decided to check out the farmer’s market is a shock I had earlier this week at the supermarket. I wanted to buy some baby carrots for my son’s lunches, and there were two brands on sale. One of them I recognized right away: Grimmway Farms. This company sells great carrots . . . but they’re located in Bakersfield, California (I used to live there, once upon a time). ACK! I don’t want carrots that came all the way across the country. So, I looked at the other brand only to discover that they came from Pleasanton (another place I used to live; also in California). There were no carrots for sale (that I found, anyway) which hadn’t come at least 3,000 miles. That’s just ridiculous. It really is time to start buying local produce.

So, I’m going to do my part by shopping regularly at this farmer’s market. I suspect I’ll like the vegetables better, too. Most of the stuff you can buy in the market here isn’t really great quality, either. Considering how far it’s traveled, I guess it’s not too surprising.

Feng Shui

FlyLady Day 8

I’ve been Flying for a week now, and I’m feeling really good about the program. My sink is shiny, and parts of my house are really clean – and staying that way. I haven’t finished the whole house yet, but I’m surprisingly not bothered by this; I’m just ignoring my inner Perfectionist who says it’s not good enough if everything is not completely clean.

I worked ahead a bit, too, beyond just the “babysteps” she has listed, and I’ve gotten quite a bit done on my Control Journal. I think this is going to be really helpful for me. Already, it means that I have my cell phone with me during the days (and it’s charged) which has been a problem for me in the past.

I like getting her reminders, especially since I’ve given myself permission to delete them if I’m not interested in reading them. I figure if I miss something important, I’ll get another reminder about it sooner or later.

So, I’m enjoying this a lot so far.


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  • 12:12 Bathroom: CLEAN! #
  • 12:30 Kitchen: CLEAN! #
  • 13:20 Living Room: CLEAN! #
  • 13:20 Bedroom: Not so clean. Will have to wait unti tomorrow; I'm finished for the day. :D #
  • 14:16 (Facebook) Wendy is feeling good after acupuncture this morning. #
  • 21:40 Watching Connor reconstruct the room from Poe's "The Raven" out of legos. Is he the coolest, or what? Bust of Pallas and everything. #
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