September 26th, 2007


Starting Today: 165

Over the past couple of years, my weight has been creeping up, to the point where I can’t fit into many of my clothes anymore. I lost some of it several months ago, but gained it all back again, and then some. I’ve decided that just thinking “maybe I should eat less” is not actually a very effective diet plan, so I’m going to get more organized about it. Not sure yet if I’ll join Weight Watchers; I think I’m going to start by reading FlyLady’s Body Clutter book (since FL is working really well for me with keeping the house clean).

My goal is to lose 35 pounds. Really, I’d be happy if I lost 30, but I figure this is not the time to wimp out with my goal setting. Right now, I’m at 165 (well, 164.8, really, but 165 is a nice round number, so I’ll use that). I want to get down to 130. I’ll keep track of my progress here (and cross-post these to my LJ), so I can have some accountability.

My first next actions: Read the Body Clutter book when it arrives. Take the stairs in my apartment building at least twice a day. Stop eating after 8 p.m. (although I’ll allow myself to have some popcorn or something light like that once in a while). This should get me started while I figure out the rest of the specifics of how I’m going to tackle this problem. :)