September 28th, 2007

Fantastic!, Nine

GEDCOM is made of WIN!

I’ve completed my next action for this goal, which was to investigate software for the Mac. I found a program that looks good:

It also looks like it’s about to get even better, and when the new version comes out, I won’t have to pay to upgrade; it’ll be FREE! :)

So, of course my next next action would be to get some data into the program, and thanks to GEDCOM, and the hard work of some distant relation who put this stuff on the internet, I was able to import more than 8,000 records of family members, going all the way back to my ancestors from Scotland who came here in the 1600s. W00t!!!!! (I literally squealed out loud when I realized that the import was going to work, and I wouldn’t have to input all that data by hand myself)! :D Actually, the work for me now will be to remove some of those names; I think I need to do some pruning to my family tree, as some of those people are very distantly related, and probably not really necessary in my database.

So, I think my new next action is to play around with the new program, and decide how/who to cull. That sounds like the next logical thing to do.

Michelangelo Delphica

Self-Portrait - "Blues"

Blues, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

The theme this week at Illustration Friday is "Blues."

After briefly considering something having to do with a saxophone, the idea for this came to me and I knew I wanted to see if I could get what I had in my head down onto paper. I had tried a self-portrait last night, but wasn't really that happy with it. I decided to try another one. I've felt this way several times this week, so it wasn't too much of a stretch.

I don't like drawing myself while looking in the mirror, so I snapped a webcam photo and drew from that. (I'm on my way now to upload that, too, so if you're curious you should be able to find it by poking around at Flickr). It's done in watercolor pencil, although I didn't use any water.

I'm pleased with the way this came out. It doesn't exactly capture the emotion I was trying to convey, but it comes close. Also, it actually looks like me, which the portrait I did last night did not. I think it's one of the best drawings I've done yet. I've got a few other things to post (I finally finished the "Drawing With Children" program), but I haven't scanned them yet, so they'll be in a separate entry.


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  • 18:06 Seems I'm like JKR when it comes to math; I bought a bookshelf for my closet, and it's WAY too tall to fit under the shelves. *facepalm* #
  • 20:50 If you like films, especially classic ones, have a look at this. I almost NEVER recommend videos, but this one is too good to miss: http ... #
  • 22:02 Have just edited a Wikipedia page. I feel like such a part of the internet when I do that. ;) (It was the page on will o' the wisps, btw). #
  • 23:30 Today I am grateful for a happy boy who had fun on his school field trip today. #
  • 23:31 I'm also grateful for finding room in my bedroom for the too-tall-for-my-closet bookshelf. :D #
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Michelangelo Delphica

Drawing With Children: Completed

Last night, I finally finished working through the book "Drawing With Children." After having completed her program, I'll say that I found it to be very good, and the exercises were fun for me and I think most children would enjoy them, too. Connor did lose interest about two-thirds of the way through; he doesn't like copying things, or following step-by-step instructions; he'd rather do his own thing. Still, I think he learned some things, and I'm sure I did, too. I would recommend the book, especially to teachers and parents who want to do artwork with children.

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So, that's the end of my work with "Drawing With Children." Next, I'm going to start "Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain." Connor says he wants to work through that book with me, too. Maybe he'll like it better since it's written for adults. (He's kind of on this kick lately about wanting to be "mature" and not do kid things, like order from children's menus or read books called "Drawing With Children." :D). I think many of the exercises are actually pretty similar to things we've done with this book, but I'm looking forward to the new stuff, too. I'll probably post my progress with that book once I get started. I haven't given up on the Garden Alphabet, either. More on that soon.