October 31st, 2007



OMG! NaNoWriMo starts TONIGHT at midnight! Somehow it didn't occur to me until JUST NOW that this is the last day of October. :D

I AM SO NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!!!!! I don't even have the tiniest HINT of a plot!

Which, of course, is the best way to get started. ;)
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WW - Week 4

Start Weight: 164
Current Weight: 154
Weight Lost: 10 pounds

After whining last week about only losing one pound, somehow I'm feeling good about two pounds this week. Maybe it's that I've lost a total of 10 pounds, which seems rather substantial. :D I've been good about eating all my points this week, except last night (I ended up .5 short), and I've tried to increase my activity a bit. I'm nervous about next week - how to stay on track while eating in restaurants and fast food joints for at least 10 days. I think we'll be hitting Applebee's wherever we can (they have special WW items on the menu, which should help). I'm noticing that I've gotten a lot more comfortable guessing at points (in restaurants, etc.) - when I get home, I always check before adding anything to my tracker, but I'm usually pretty close. This will be helpful next week, I'm sure.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I don't think C will be trick-or-treating tonight, so I shouldn't have chocolate temptation staring me in the face tomorrow. :D