November 1st, 2007


It Has Begun

I have 466 words, and I'm packing it in for the night. Mostly because I have no idea what to do next with my main character. On the plus side, I've already "blasphemed" three major religions (and one other that's definitely not mainstream). Not bad for a first chapter. On the minus side, no one has died. Yet. Don't worry. The deaths, they are a-coming. Heh heh heh. No, I won't have a spectacular body count like last year (IIRC, 1,542, or thereabouts), but that's okay. This book is supposed to be a comedy. So probably only three or four people will die. And at least one of those will come back again. :D

Tomorrow, when my brain is fresh, I'm sure something will occur to me. Or maybe I'll have a marvelous dream tonight which will illuminate all those hidden crevices in my mind where the plot lurks.

Or not. But I'll write more tomorrow anyway. :D

*feels happy that NaNo has arrived*
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  • 12:35 1836. I've written as many words as I need to write today to stay on pace; I'm sure I'll write more, though. #
  • 12:36 Also, an historical person has somehow found her way into my novel. I think she will be fun to play with. :D #
  • 12:37 Also - Connor is doing NaNo this year, too. He's writing away now at his novel, titled "Skeleton." #
  • 12:37 Another (the final for now!) Also - Did I mention that Kevin's thinking about doing NaNo, too. I hope he will; I think he'll enjoy it. #
  • 23:40 Day One Total: 3937. Body Count: 1. Edgar Allen Poe references: 1. Plot: Still MIA. #
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Contest - Name My NaNo!

I think I'm done writing for tonight.

End of Day One Total: 3937

I didn't spend nearly as much time writing as I hoped to do, however I did have a few cool ideas today, which will hopefully evolve into great stuff for this novel. The one that's certain is that this novel will be sort of "themed" around Edgar Allen Poe. I did this same thing in the first novel with these characters (my 2004 NaNovel), which was "themed" around H.P. Lovecraft. By "themed" I don't mean anything like "Bridget Jones' Diary" did with P&P - just that I'm using character names from those author's works, and weaving in references here and there. In both books though, there are references to D&D games that the characters are playing, and it might be fun to base those campaigns on plots from Lovecraft and Poe. Something to investigate, anyway.

The other thing I've done, although I might change my mind about it, is I've included an historical character from the 15th century, who - rather than being executed as history tells us - was allowed (or perhaps compelled is a better word for it) to stay alive as long as there are vampires to be slain. So, she goes around looking for vampires to kill.

Yeah. There are vampires this time. (Actually, there are vampires in the first book, only no one knew it; I didn't identify them as such).

The one biggish problem I'm having right now (other than the missing plot) is the same one I had last year: I can't for the life of me think of a good title. Not even a working title. So, I thought I'd do what I did last year and hold a contest. You - yes YOU - have the chance to win a place in my novel (and perhaps publishing history, someday, ha ha). The person who comes up with the working title that I like best will have a character in this book named for him or her. I promise not to make it an evil character (unless you want to be evil. BTW, the vamps aren't necessarily evil), and I promise not to kill you off. Again, unless you want to die a fictional death. :D

To get you started, here is the background I can provide right now: the book is set in Bakersfield, California. (Which, if you've not had the "pleasure" of visiting, is pretty much a hellhole in the middle of nowhere. I lived there for a few years, and was deeply unimpressed). The main character is a woman named Mary Sue who works as the assistant manager of a fantasy/science fiction bookstore named BookWyrms. She and her friends play D&D together.

In the last book, she had a run-in with some devil worshippers, and also with a guy who thought he was the second coming of Christ. (Believe it or not, a great deal of this material was drawn from people I ACTUALLY KNEW in Bakersfield. Seriously). In this book, she's going to discover that Bakersfield also happens to be home to a thriving community of vampires. (Although I'm thinking they must not be terribly smart vampires; if I were undead and had vampiric powers, I would choose somewhere other than Bakersfield as my home). Of course, where you have vampires, there's bound to be someone who turns up to try and slay them. Plus, dead girls (and maybe a few guys) are turning up around the city. Mary Sue, with the help of her trusty friends and maybe a chick from the 15th century, will have to solve the mystery of who is committing these murders. (When they do solve it, I hope they'll tell me whodunnit, since at this point, I have absolutely no idea who the murderer will turn out to be). :D

SO . . . give me your suggestions for a name. Sometime on Sunday I'll choose the one I like the best, and rename one of my characters after the lucky winner.

Poll #1081441 Name My NaNo

What do you think the working title for my new NaNovel should be?

Good luck! :D :D :D