November 21st, 2007


Thanksgiving Surprise!

Someone just sent me an anonymous Thanksgiving Gift! Since it's anonymous, I can't say thank you directly, so I'll say it here:

Thank you! *hugs*

(Although I hope the fact that it's a turkey isn't meant to be taken personally).


J/K about the turkey comment. It's really sweet, and I like Project Heifer! :)
Reading to Dragon

"By the bye, gentlemen, this - this is a very well constructed house."*

As I've mentioned in the past, Connor recently became interested in the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and it just so happens there were a couple of historic sites available to us where we were living on the east coast. Of course, we decided to visit, and there is also a pretty good story involved.

Let me begin with the story. Well, with the first part of the story, anyway. It started on the day we went to the Declaration House. On the way into the city, we were listening to something on NPR (probably "Radio Times," as it's broadcast from WHYY in Philadelphia), and the guests were a) a woman who works at the Edgar Allen Poe house/museum in Philadelphia (she also dresses up as Poe and impersonates him) and b) a fellow from the Poe Society (or some such thing) in Baltimore, Maryland, where Poe is buried (there is also Poe museum/house there, too). Well, yay, I thought. A subject of interest to Connor and me, both.

After a few minutes, though, my feelings of pleasure were replaced by other, darker, emotions. First, disbelief, and then horror. The topic of discussion: the efforts of the some folks in Philadelphia to EXHUME Poe's body from where he lies in a pre-Victorian cemetery in Baltimore, and have him moved to the museum site in Philadelphia. OMGWTF?!?!?!? The guests, obviously, were on different sides of the fence in this regard. Philadelphia wants him; Baltimore has him, and wants to keep him. Basically, they debated who had the strongest "claim" on his body. Philadelphia, because he lived here (for about six years), was strongly influenced by the city, and wrote some of his most popular works here; or Baltimore, where he'd also lived, but more importantly, where he had the misfortune to die, and be interred in the city's Westminster Burying Grounds. Apparently, he's already been dug up and moved once (from the back of the Baltimore cemetery, to the front), so I guess no one thought it was that big a deal to contemplate digging him up again. Baltimore wanted to keep him in the historical cemetery (which seemed to me the only valid option); Philadelphia wanted to bury him in the empty lot next to the museum and put up a big monument. ARGH!

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Thus ended our recent Poe adventures, and began our cross-country adventures.

*Quote from "The Black Cat."
** Quote from "The Raven."

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