November 23rd, 2007

Happy Dance


I've DONE IT! Tonight, I hit 50,000 words, during a "virtual" write-in with the wonderful folks in Tucson. (They were having a write-in; I was chatting with syrinxkat so I could experience it vicariously). Thanks for all the sprints! :)

The 50,000th word was the wholly unexciting "I," in the following context:

Of course this was a silly line of thought for me to take, because there WASN'T any sort of monster or vampire or anything in the back room. And I was going to march back there right now and prove it. To myself, and the monsters. Edgar, of course, was going to come with me. He'd defend me if it came to that, wouldn't he? His beak really did look pretty deadly. Even if he wouldn't attack, he could do a good job of looking dangerous and threatening. I'd feel safer, anyway. I mean, who wants to go all alone into a dark, deserted store room in the middle of the night, after hearing a scary noise?

(And of course, there really IS a vampire back in the store room. Of course there is. :D).

I'm not finished with the story yet - there are at least two major scenes I need to write, plus some transitional stuff. But I've passed the big hurdle. I might even be ready to upload on the day they open the site (the 25th, I think)? For now, though, I'm just enjoying the sight of my project goal bar filled all the way to the edge. :)
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Rent - Who Knew?

Started watching "Rent" tonight for the first time (didn't finish it, though; had to turn it off during the scene where Mimi is seen at her place of employment; not appropriate for Connor :D). About twenty minutes into the show, I started to get a feeling that something seemed familiar . . . guys living in a seedy apartment . . . the girl from downstairs shows up, needing a light. When she mentioned feeling frail and sickly, the lightbulb went off for me. "La Boheme." Was this an updated retelling of "La Boheme?" When I learned that her name was Mimi, I knew I had to be right. I'm not expecting her to survive to the end of the show :D. Kinda cool, and I like the music so far. Loved the tango sequence. I'll probably watch the rest of it tomorrow night. How funny that I'd never heard it was based on the opera, though. I saw La Boheme in San Francisco a few years ago (the only time I've been to the opera here, in fact). I'd have been more interested in "Rent," and watched it sooner if I'd known.