January 8th, 2008



I FOUND IT!!!!! I've been looking for it for about a month now, and just a few minutes ago I FOUND IT! The box labeled "Wendy's Schoolwork," but which in reality contains not only schoolwork (from elementary school through college), but a variety of other "wonderful" things, too. Oh yes. We've got essays (including the one in which I discuss my loathing for Brett Ashley, and which led to a life-long distain for E. Hemingway), we've got angsty teenage poetry (OMG YES!), and . . . the crowning achievement of my misspent youth: MIAMI VICE FAN FIC which I wrote when I was about 16 years old! Bwahahahahahahaha!

Yes, dear f-list. Prepare to be spammed soon with all manner of truly awful writing from my deep past.

*evil laughter, which continues to echo for a long, long time*